The Rantings of NN4F

EM93:CQ Zone 5:ITU Zone 8:Dorchester County, SC


Welcome to my website for my hobby of Amateur Radio. My call sign is NN4F, and I'm located in Ridgeville, South Carolina. I have been licensed since 2001 in the United States , but I was previously licensed in the UK. I hold an Extra class license, which I obtained before the FCC did away with the morse code requirement. I use Morse Code or CW on a regular basis, it's amazing how weak a signal you can hear compared to using Voice or SSB.


In the past month, I have started using two new digital modes, one is JT65, which has been around for a few years now, but the other, developed by the same author is JT9, a very narrow mode, and it allows you to copy very weak signals over long distances, and most times you can't even hear the signal you are decoding.


If I'm on the radio, the little "On-Air" box will have a flashing icon in it, and it will also tell you my operating frequency.