Sdruno updated...

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A new version of SDRUno is about to be released, V1.03 some nice changes, better filter bandwidths, some bugs killed and small updates... This is the official software from SDRPlay for the RSP, it also supports other SDR's via the ExtIO DLL interface to a maximum of 1Mhz of bandwidth.


Changes for 1.03

High DPI resolution support for 4k monitor resolutions
Reworked filter cutoffs (20khz AM/SAM Wide USB for DRM/Data)
Filter button stays lit
Separate out EXTIO functionality (separate exe file for EXTIO radios)
RSP Ready notice in Main Window/SETT/Input indicator
Rename FM Stereo NR button & slider for clarity
Improved tuner AGC scheme
Improved DC offset scheme
Removed unused buttons on SP1/SP2 windows
Temporary LO frequency display in advanced window
Various bug fixes
Change defaults (LNA OFF / AGC ON)

Added LO to SP1 display
Added PTY to RDS display

K2L - 13 Colonies - Top State

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13 Colonies Station K2L, So over the July 4th weekend, I operated as part of the K2L team for the 13 Colonies Special Event, we put South Carolina on the air as one of the original 13 colonies, this is the 8th year of operation, and the event is getting bigger, this year our total contact count was down, as SC K2L we made 13,811 contacts with stations in the USA and Around the world. K2L made the most contacts as state, and we achieved TOP STATE again, this is the 3rd year we have done this. In total, all 13 colonies made a total of 139,772 contacts, up from 126,296 in 2015. The event is getting larger every year, for more info on the event visit I would like to thank all of my K2L operators, Doug, Brian, Frank, Ariel, Bill, Loyd, Tom, together the 8 of us made a great team. 

Sdruno released and it's FREE

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At 0800 UTC this morning SDRPlay released the amazing SDRuno software, it's aimed at the SDRPlay RSP, but will operate other SDR's with limited functionality. And see my SDRUno Guide on the menu above...after several weeks of testingf the public can now access this great software for use with thier SDRPlay RSP SDR, and amazingly, It's FREE, yes FREE... 

SDRUno running 4 Virtual Receivers 

Official Press Release...

SDRplay is pleased to announce the official release of SDRuno for the RSP. SDRuno is the new name for the RSP compatible version of Studio1, the rights to which we obtained and announced on 28th April. SDRuno contains native support for the SDRplay RSP and no extra plugins are required. Third party hardware can also be supported via the ExtIO interface, but with reduced functionality.
SDRuno provides a rugged and flexible, high performance SDR receiver capability and boasts some excellent features:
• Multiple ‘Virtual Receivers’ which allow for simultaneous reception and demodulation of different types of signals within the same receiver bandwidth.
• A selectivity filter with an ultimate rejection greater than 140 dB.
• A unique distortion-free double stage AGC with fully adjustable parameters.
• Multiple notch filters with BW adjustable down to 1 Hz, Notch Lock feature.
• A unique synchronous AM mode with selectable/adjustable sidebands, dedicated PLL input filter, and selectable PLL time constants.
• SNR (stereo noise reduction), featuring a proprietary noise reduction algorithm for stereo broadcast.
• AFC for FM signals.
• Calibration for receiver frequency errors.
Over time, we plan to add many more features to SDRuno to enhance the user’s experience of this very powerful piece of software. This software runs on Windows and we don’t yet know how easy it will be to migrate it to other platforms but this is something we will be investigating.
SDRuno will be made freely available to all current and future users of the RSP – to download a copy – simply go to
Our support for SDRuno in no way lessens our commitment to support HDSDR, SDR Console, Cubic SDR or ANY other software solution where the authors are willing to work with us. We fully recognise that many people have strong preferences for particular pieces of software and we do not want to do anything to undermine the options that people have to use their favoured software packages. Indeed, our view is quite the opposite. Our objective remains aim to have our hardware platforms support any and every SDR package out there. This of course may not be possible, but it is our philosophy and part of the ethos of our company.
About Studio 1:
Studio1 was developed in Italy by SDR Applications S.a.s. and has hundreds of happy customers around the world.
Studio 1 is known for its user friendly stylish GUI, CPU efficiency and advanced DSP capabilities, including features not
available on other SDR software packages.
About SDRplay:
SDRplay limited is a UK company and consists of a small group of engineers with strong connections to the UK Wireless
semiconductor industry. SDRplay announced its first product, the RSP1 in August 2014
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sdruno and Virtual Receivers

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SDRuno running 3 virtual recievers on the SDRPlay at 5Mhz of Bandwidth, performance is great, FM Broadcast sounds amazing, and full RDS decode for each Virtual Reciever. Each VRX has Dual VFO capability.






Sdruno in final testing

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So tonight I received the final pre-release beta for SDRuno, the software package from SDRPlay for use with their RSP1. Full public release should be this week, or Monday at the latest.


It works very well, as you would expect coming from Studio1, it has changes made by the SDRPlay team to use the RSP to it's full extent, those are the changes we have been testing for the past two weeks. We found a few bugs, but nothing major. 


It has a few things that need to be tweaked over the coming releases, like AM Bandwidth needs to be able to be increased, to name but one, at the moment 11Khz is the max AM bandwidth, which is more than plenty for most AM Broadcast stations, but the Chinese do insist on broadcasting at 20khz at sometimes...




All the windows are modular, so you can have open just what you need, here you see the Main, The RX, Memory, then below is the SP1 Spectrum and the SP2 Audio Spectrum windows, not visible are the RSP window, the EXW Extra Controls and the config windows.


Running SDRPlay/SDRuno/WSJT-X for JT65 Decode on 30m with a 65ft Wire (yes wsjt-x frequency is wrong)


I'll do a full review once the program is released along with a in-depth how to document.


Join the software group, this is the unofficial chat group run by us dedicated users...

Sdrplay - SDR1- DRM

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So making some tests, still trying to find any bugs in the new SDR1 software, found a DRM station on 11.864Mhz (Radio Romania) decoded perfectly even with a weak signal, tried same under HDSDR and no decode, also tried SDR-Console V3 and that did manage to decode. The Audio quality in SDR1 is pretty amazing.




SDR1 is under test right now, SDRPlay are looking for a June release.


for latest SDR1 News

Sdrplay SDR1 Software

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Testing the New SDR1 software from SDRPlay, (formerly Studio1) SDRPlay bought the rights to the software and are using it as a base for the SDRPlay RSP1, so far it seems very good, running through different settings and modes and is performing great, also the coverage is now up'd to 10Mhz bandwidth from 8Mhz. No prices as of yet, but looks like it's set for release by the end of June.



Here it is with 8mhz bandwidth and 4 VRX's (Virtual Receivers, each with 2 VFO's A/B )

We have started an unofficial chat group for the software


Sdr-console V3 preview #2 is now available

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Simon Brown released his second public preview of SDR-Console V3 today, May 20th for the general public to peruse over, major additions are RDS/StereoFM and External Radio Support for Panadapter use, and lots of bug fixes...


 Image from last night, RCI via the Cuba TX site, with a huge signal into SC, yes 5/9+64db


you can download the latest release from


I have also setup a V3 guide & tips for use with the SDRPlay, (any sdr radio) you can access from the menu above.




Range Expanded
10Khz - 2Ghz 12bit SDR
Works great with HDSDR
SDR-Console & More

SDRUno Software Coming Soon
Dedicated RSP Performace
from SDRPlay


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